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Thursday, 19 November 2015 00:00

BYOL Episode 67 - Debra Markowitz

debra markowitz instagram promo
debra markowitz the last taxi driver


This week we dive into writing and directing films, finding locations, getting permits, submitting to festivals, and more as Dave sits down with filmmaker Debra Markowitz (The Last Taxi Driver, Living with the Dead)!

In addition to making her own films, Debra is the Director of the Nassau County Film Commission and founder of the Long Island International Film Expo (LIIFE), giving her tremendous insight into the entire film process from concept to festival submissions to distribution.  She tells Dave how she began her work with Nassau County, how she managed to expand the county's film commission, how it led her to launch the LIIFE, and how her experience submitting her own films to festivals has given her new appreciation for how difficult the process can be for filmmakers.

Plus, Dave talks about his recent radio commercial booking and shares info about films he's directed!

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Thursday, 05 November 2015 00:00

BYOL Episode 66 - David Lawson

david lawson instagram promo
david lawson flyer guy


Solo Performance is the focus this week as Dave chats with Writer-Performer David Lawson (Insomnia In Space, Flyer Guy, 2015 SOLOCOM)!

David grew up just outside Washington, DC, and his upbringing in the shadow of the White House definitely has influenced his artistic career.  He tells Dave about getting started as a storyteller, how his Bar Mitzvah gave him his first taste of the spotlight, how his interest in solo performing was sparked in college, and what makes the NYC storytelling scene so fascinating.  He also gives details for the upcoming premiere of his new show, Flyer Guy, at the 2015 SOLOCOM Festival at the Peoples Improv Theater!

Plus, Dave runs down his crazy week, announces an upcoming performance, and has updates on a few past guests (see below)!

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Wednesday, 21 October 2015 00:00

BYOL Episode 65 - Liz Samuel

liz samuel instagram promo
jack cupcake


This week Dave compares notes with actor/producer Liz Samuel (Mirrors, Hack My Life)!

Liz grew up at her family's landmark bakery on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, but has made a career in the entertainment world.  Originally a broadcast journalist (who helped break the story behind Princess Diana's untimely death), she broke in as a TV producer before following her dreams of being an actor.  She tells Dave about her decisions to change careers, how it was impossible for her to be happy behind the scenes, and how becoming a parent changed her approach to acting.

Plus, Dave tells the entire story behind the viral hit Who Ate the Cupcake? and has plenty to say about people who leave comments on YouTube.

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Wednesday, 14 October 2015 00:00

BYOL Episode 64 - Casandera Lollar

casandera lollar instagram promo
casandera lollar the runner stumbles


Dave's guest this week is actor Casandera Lollar (The Runner Stumbles, Celebrity Ghost Stories)!

Originally hailing from Brooklyn (Brooklyn, Texas, that is), Casandera has earned rave reviews for her performances on stage and on screen since arriving in NYC.  She tells Dave about her journey from small town living to the Big Apple, which includes attending USMC boot camp.  She also opens up about her struggles with endometriosis, and how her recent surgery has given her a new lease on life and rebooted her career.

Plus, Dave gives some friendly advice to anyone who needs help and are stopping themselves from reaching out.

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Wednesday, 07 October 2015 00:00

BYOL Episode 63 - Heather Cunningham

heather cunningham instagram promo
heather cunningham retro logo


This week Dave sits and chats with actor/producer Heather Cunningham the founder and Artistic Director of Retro Productions!

For over ten years, Retro Productions has earned praise and awards for presenting high-quality theater in NYC.  Heather, a Brooklyn native, tells Dave how the company started, how her family laid the groundwork for her career, how her first job out of college truly trained her for what she's doing today, and how her small theater company has managed to survive and thrive in an ever-changing and competitive market.

Plus, Dave shares updates on some past BYOL guests, including news about world premieres, ABC Showcases, Film Festivals, and Family Guy!

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Wednesday, 30 September 2015 00:00

BYOL Episode 62 - Keith Eric Chappelle

keith eric chappelle
keith eric chappelle obama


Dave's guest this week is actor/writer/director Keith Eric Chappelle (A Raisin in the Sun on Broadway, Madam Secretary, Elementary)!

Keith is a Julliard-trained performer whose career is a testament to hard work and dedication.  He tells Dave about growing up on Long Island, how he never considered an acting career until he reached college, the last-minute decision that got him into Julliard, what he learned by watching Kevin Kline work first-hand, and what it was like performing for the President and First Lady on Broadway!  Plus, Dave and Keith get into a serious discussion about race, and how history plays into issues of diversity today.

Plus, Dave talks about a recent staged reading, and finds a long-lost video of his brother in an IBM commercial with Scott Grimes from 1984!

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jezabel montero margo singaliese instagram promo
kevin arbouet casanova was a woman


This week Dave welcomes two guests, Fuacata Films partners Jezabel Montero & Margo Singaliese (Cassanova Was A Woman, The Basement)!

Jezabel and Margo, partners in both business and life, are creating films that tackle the issues through comedy.  Their latest, Cassanova Was A Woman (directed by past BYOL guest Kevin Arbouet), a semi-autographical comedy about a struggling Latina actor who discovers her bisexuality, is showing at festivals around the world.  They tell Dave about how their film was developed, how the film's message is being used to educate others, and how language plays such an important role in acting.

Plus, Dave remembers working with Jezabel as traffic reporters!

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Wednesday, 16 September 2015 00:00

BYOL Episode 60 - Jenn Mello

jenn mello instagram promo
jenn mello film interchange


Dave's guest this week is producer/entrepreneur Jenn Mello, founder and CEO of Film Interchange!

Jenn's company helps filmmakers achieve their creative goals and provides networking opportunites for everyone involved in the film business.  Just in time for their Fall 2015 season, she tells Dave about her background as a singer and actor, how her love of performing set her on her initial path, the challenge of being a singer in an acting world, how the graduate program at NYU adjusted her course, and how she transitioned from performer to facilitator.  She also explains how Film Interchange works, and how she connects people at all levels of the film business.

Plus, Dave congratulates Ato Essandoh (BYOL Episode 3) on his latest role!

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Wednesday, 09 September 2015 00:00

BYOL Episode 59 - James E. Oxford

james oxford instagram promo
james oxford watergun outlaw


This week Dave chats with executive film producer James E. Oxford (The Demon Deep in Oklahoma, The Taking of Ezra Bodine)!

James is the co-founder of Watergun Outlaw Productions, a company that has found tremendous success as an independent film company in a short period of time.  He tells Dave about the company, how he splits responsibilities with his husband and fellow co-founder Lance R. Marshall, and how they've managed to have their films screened at top festivals (including this year's Cannes).  He also talks about how he and Lance make films on their own terms, how his own financial background (and lack of artistic expertise) gives the company an edge, and how his unique upbringing on the cattle ranches of Oklahoma is surprisingly similar to filmmaking!

Plus, Dave talks about how a simple LIKE got him an audition, and how using social media in a positive way can open up opportunites!

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Wednesday, 02 September 2015 00:00

BYOL Episode 58 - Alan Cross

alan cross instagram promo
alan cross pop up video


Dave's guest this week is televison writer/producer Alan Cross (Pop Up Video, Redneck Island, Celebrity Deathmatch)!

Originally from Texas, Alan and Dave met on the audition circuit in NYC.  Now living in Los Angeles, Alan has focused his career on writing and producing for several big-name series.  He tells Dave about growing up in Fort Worth, his early career in radio, the decision that brought him to New York, what cause his career shift, and his thoughts on moving to the West Coast.  He also talks about his creative process, how he manages his ADHD, how technology isn't the answer, and what it's like working with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin!

Plus, Dave talks about working with the great Frankie Faison on Babygirl Blues and Other Colored People, and pays tribute to the late Gary Marinoff.

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